United States Aeronautical History (USAH) is a non-profit organization that was established in 2018 and dedicated to preserve, educate and maintain the history of aviation in the United States. USAH is committed to making sure the history is kept alive, archived, and accessible for the next generation. We are devoted to the aircraft, aviation equipment, and the stories of those men and women; from the 1903 Flyer with the Wright Brothers to present-day aviation, both Military and Civilian.

          We feel it is imperative to keep the existence of our Military and Civilian Aviation alive to allow our youth to explore and gain the knowledge of the great history that would otherwise be forgotten. At USAH, we are able to provide this through monthly digital magazine issues, documentaries, photos, and videos. We work to support the collection and archive of information as it pertains to aviation in the U.S.A.

          The history of aviation evolved with aircraft that have represented the pinnacle of design with swift fighters, long-range bombers, transports, sport biplanes, experimental airplanes that used the sky as a laboratory. Many set notable records, helped win wars, increased our mobility, trained thousands of pilots, and many influenced aviation.

       Here at USAH, we cover many aerial events such as; U.S. Military/Military Decommissions, Air Shows, Experimental, Air Racing, Aerobatic, Expos, and everything aviation. 


           Guy Spumoni is the Editor-In-Chief for both USAH and "Flight Life Magazine".

           Guy's love for aviation has him flying for the last 21 years and enjoys all avenues of flight.      

Guy Spumoni

Editor-In-Chief- USA


Jimi Simmons, V.P.



       Jimi Simmons is the V.P. to USAH by providing professional photography, videography, and journalism to "Flight Life Magazine" and the site itself. He was the original creator of USAH, back in 2018.


       He is also the owner of Atlas Aerial Services and Atlas Photo and Video, which has worked for such clients as the famed LPGA Golf Course, Bulle Rock Golf Course in Maryland; Wilmington Blue Rocks Minor League Baseball Club, and in 2019 was attached to the USAF F-35 Lightning ii Demo Team and many others just to name a few. He shoots with all Sony and aerial equipment, along with also being an FAA Part 107 Operator with his business; Atlas Aerial Services/Atlas Photo and Video.

        Jimi is also the Public Relations Coordinator for Britt Lincoln of Britt Lincoln Aerobatics.

       Jimi is a Veteran of Desert Storm and served in the U.S. Navy. His love for Military aircraft and aircraft, in general, stemmed from his father and being in the Navy. 

       After spending over the last decade in pro sports, Jimi has found his new passion in the sky.........


     Shawn Byers is a Photo Journalist to USAH by providing his professional photography to our publications in "Flight Life Magazine". Shawn came on board with USAH in September of  2018 and resides in Maryland.


      He is a Supervisor of Airport Operations at a major East Coast Airport.  Originally from Western New York, he went to his first airshow in 1983.  With the growth of the internet and digital photography, he now travels around the country averaging 10  airshows per season utilizing Sony and Canon equipment.      

Shawn Byers

Senior Editor

Dave 2.jpg

Military Liaison/Contributing Editor


David "Hey Joe" Parsons

       Dave Parsons (Hey Joe, which is Dave's call sign) is USAH's military liaison/contributing editor, and consultant to Flight Life Magazine. Dave came on board with USAH in January of 2022 and resides in Maryland.


      Hey Joe's rich knowledge of military aviation comes from being an RIO in the famous F-14 Tomcat in the USN.  He is an accomplished artist, photographer, editor, and writer with 10 books in print and a 'shoebox' of his images taken during his career as a Tomcat RIO amassing over 2000 hours and 700 traps in the F-14A/B Tomcat.  

Harry Bristow.jpg

Harry Bristow


        Harry Bristow is a Photographer/Videographer to USAH by providing his professional publications to the documentary side and "Flight Life Magazine"Harry came on board with USAH in January 2021 and resides in the U.K.


         His creative passion for videography has allowed him to form his own video production company, Diamond 9 Productions. "I have been into aviation from a young age with the help of my father and we have traveled to many countries to follow our passion for aviation."

         Harry will be covering all events in the U.K. and will be a key player in our documentary work.


Alex Wright


           Alex is a student at the University of Delaware and is majoring in the following; Communications and Journalism. His duties include keeping the website, monthly articles, and information moving forward on USAH.